Wireless Serial Port

TruConnect provides a wireless link between your device(s) and/or a PC or mobile device.

This application note demonstrates using a Bobcat module as a wireless serial port, streaming data in and out via the BLE wireless interface. The demonstration uses two Wahoo evaluation boards.

Features Demonstrated

  • Serial Interface Stream Mode
  • Advertising to other Bluetooth devices (adv command)
  • Scanning for other Bluetooth devices (scan command)
  • Connecting to another BLE device (con command)

Setting up the Modules

  • Plug each of the AMS001-E01 Wahoo boards into a separate USB port on a computer. The USB interface provides power and a serial UART connection to the board.
  • On both boards, the tri-colur LED blinks green when the boards are not connected.
  • Open a communication terminal application e.g. Teraterm
  • For each Wahoo board, open a separate terminal window:
    • Find the UART serial (COM) port associated with the board
    • Set the communication parameters to 115200 8N1 with NO hardware flow control
  • The Wahoo boards boot up as BLE peripherals with advertising turned on, in Stream Mode.
    • Note that after a few minutes advertising turns off. See the adv command to turn advertising on if necessary.
    • See Serial Interface for a discussion of stream mode and command mode.
  • We'll refer to the Wahoo boards as Wahoo A and Wahoo B:
  • On Wahoo A, press Button 2 to switch to command mode. The terminal displays COMMAND_MODE.
  • On the Wahoo A terminal:
    • Press the Enter key and wait for a command prompt > and Ready
    • Enter the command scan high. Within a few seconds, TruConnect displays a list of ACKme BLE devices discovered.
      > scan high
      !  # RSSI BD_ADDR           Device Name
      #  1  -89 4C:55:CC:10:07:e1 AMS-07E1
  • Enter the command con <index>, where <index> is the # number corresponding to the device in the devices listed by the scan results.
    > con 1
  • On both boards, the tri-colour LED lights continuously green when the boards are connected.
  • Now, on WahooA, either press Button 2 (or enter the str stream command into the Wahoo A terminal) to switch WahooA to Stream Mode. The terminal displays STREAM_MODE.
  • With both Wahoo boards in Stream Mode, characters you type on one terminal appear on the other terminal, transmitted from one board to the other wirelessly via the BLE connection.

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