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 +====== Getting Started with TruConnect ======
 +TruConnect provides a wireless link between your device(s) and/or a PC or mobile device.
 +For this release, TruConnect connects to other ACKme BLE modules and to the yACKme iPad app. 
 +A Wahoo evaluation board boots up with advertising turned on, and is discoverable by another Wahoo board or by the yACKme iPad app, available free from the [[https://​​us/​app/​yackme/​id926147198?​mt=8&​amp;​uo=4|Apple App store]] or from the [[https://​​The_yACKme_App|ACKme site, Technology tab]]. ​
 +{{ wahoo_discoverable_on_boot1.jpg?​800 }}
 +The easiest way to evaluate TruConnect is using two ACKme Wahoo BLE evaluation boards. ​
 +The text below describes how to quickly connect two boards and stream data between them via Bluetooth Low Energy. ​
 +{{ truconnectwirelessserialport1.png?​800 }}
 +Let's get started! Work through the following sections in order.
 +==== Opening a TruConnect Terminal ====
 +Ensure that the AMS001-E01 boards power and UART selection switches are configured correctly - power switch: REG; UART switch: USER. See the  [[https://​​resources/​download/​280/​ARG_AMS001E|AMS001 Evaluation Guide]]. ​
 +  * Plug each of the AMS001-E01 Wahoo boards into a separate USB port on a computer. The USB interface provides power and a serial UART connection to the board. ​
 +  * On both boards, the tri-color LED blinks green when the boards are not connected.
 +  * Open a communication terminal application e.g. Teraterm
 +  * For each Wahoo board, open a separate terminal window:
 +    * Find the UART serial (COM) port associated with the board
 +    * Set the communication parameters to 115200 8N1 with NO hardware flow control. See [[serial_interface#​uart_protocol|Serial Interface, UART Protocol]].
 +==== Switching to Command Mode ====    ​
 +  * The Wahoo boards boot up as BLE peripherals with advertising turned on, in Stream Mode. 
 +    * Note that after a few minutes advertising turns off. See the [[commands#​adv|adv]] command to turn advertising on if necessary. ​
 +    * See [[serial_interface|Serial Interface]] for a discussion of stream mode and command mode.
 +  * We'll refer to the Wahoo boards as WahooA and WahooB: ​
 +  * On WahooA, press Button 2 to switch to command mode. The terminal displays ''​COMMAND_MODE''​. ​
 +  * On the WahooA terminal:
 +    * Press the Enter key and wait for a command prompt ''>''​ and ''​Ready''​
 +==== Scanning and Connecting ====    ​
 +  * Enter the command [[commands#​scan|scan high]]. Within a few seconds, TruConnect displays a list of ACKme BLE devices discovered. ​ <​code>​
 +> scan high
 +!  # RSSI BD_ADDR ​          ​Device Name
 +#  1  -89 4C:​55:​CC:​10:​07:​e1 AMS-07E1
 +  * Enter the command [[commands#​con|con <​index>​]],​ where ''<​index>''​ is the ''#''​ number corresponding to the device in the devices listed by the scan results. <​code>​
 +> con 1
 +  * On both boards, the tri-colour LED lights continuously green when the boards are connected. ​
 +  ​
 +==== Switching to Stream Mode and Sending and Receiving Data ====      ​
 +  * Now, on WahooA, either press Button 2 (or enter the ''​str''​ stream command into the Wahoo A terminal) to switch WahooA to Stream Mode. The terminal displays ''​STREAM_MODE''​.
 +  * With both Wahoo boards in Stream Mode, characters you type on one terminal appear on the other terminal, transmitted from one board to the other wirelessly via the BLE connection. ​
 +  {{.twowahoosstreaming2.png}}