Release Notes for TruConnect 2.0.0

TruConnect 2.0 provides the following new functionality as well as general improvements and stability enhancements.

New features include:

Fixes include:

  • An issue, where the GPIO direction was not saved and restored correctly, has been resolved.
  • An issue, in which the UART occasionally dropped characters at low baud rates, has been resolved.

Note: In general, TruConnect devices must have the same major firmware version to connect and communicate with each other. Devices with TruConnect 2.x are not able to connect to devices with TruConnect 1.x. We recommend installing the same TruConnect version on all TruConnect devices that are required to communicate with each other.

Release Info

Date September 11, 2015
Version TruConnect-

Known Issues

Last Updated : September 11, 2015

1. None reported


Commands Added

gdis Set STDIO function and direction for multiple GPIOs
gges Get values for multiple STDIO function GPIOs
gses Set values for multiple STDIO function output GPIOs

Commands Changed

Command Description
con New <timeout> argument added. Command now blocks until successful connection or until attempt times out
gfu Added GPIO functions: activity, ble_blink, shutdown, sleepwake

Variables Added

Variable Description
bl e e BLE encryption enabled
bl e k BLE encryption key
bl v d b Advertising as beacon
bl v d f Set BLE advertising beacon format
bl v d g BLE advertising format GPIO
bl v d i Advertise as ibeacon
bu s s Specify stream breakout character sequence
ce a d Central auto-connect device

Variables Changed

Variable Description
bl v l d BLE low mode advertising duration now defaults to advertise forever
gp u The get gp u output now displays IO type and direction for stdio GPIOs